Discordia is a Burning Man theme camp run primarily by a small group of New Zealanders dedicated to bringing world-class Kiwi, Aussie and British music and art to the greatest party on the planet.

Since our first year in 2012 the camp has grown rapidly, and now comprises nearly 60 people, 100% of whom fly in internationally from New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Discordia is entirely non-profit and non-commercial, and is funded entirely through donations from our members.

2016 – Discordia returns!

Discordia has been placed at 9 & I for 2016! We’ll be bringing our huge tower and pyramid back again with several upgrades including MORE MISTING!

Our bar will be open daily along with the following special events: 3-6pm Monday – Welcome party, 2-6pm Wednesday – Discordia Masquerade Ball, 3pm-midnight Sunday – Discordia Farewall 80s/90s party

Hopefully we’ll see you there!

2015 – Reflection, Light & Illusion

The Discordia camp theme in 2015 is heavily influenced by official Burning Man 2015 art theme, Carnival of Mirrors.

Reflection, Light and Illusion merges art and technology to create illusion and encourage participants to question their perception of reality and self.
From the outside the Discordia pyramid is vast, imposing, and sterile white by day… by night it transforms into a shifting maelstrom of colours and images rear-projected from within. From the top (nearly 30 feet up) emits a vertical beam of pure white light, visible for miles and creating a beacon that guides the way home.

Entry to the pyramid is through a hall of mirrors, angled reflective panels and LED lighting effects designed to confuse and give the perception of infinite depth, fragments of reality  caught in a single moment or contorting them.

Once ‘through the looking glass’ the interior of the pyramid envelops you in a more calming lush environment…  Comfortable couches, seats and misting fans provide a cool respite from the desert heat during the day along with tasty tunes from the Discordia DJs. Frosty adult beverages are served (daily, 3-5pm)  from a bar designed to be danced on. At night the pyramid provides a spectrum of experiences (depending on the music and mood of the denizens within)… sometimes it’s a lush comfortable relaxing chill area, other times it’s a black-light zoo with UV lights and black-light reactive decorations.

Images from a camera mounted high on the tower above are projected around the pyramid inverting perception of realty and bringing the outside in from a usually imperceptible angle.

In addition to the daily free bar service Discordia will be operating several special scheduled themed events during the week which will involve drinking games, gifts, challenges and more.

All residents of Black Rock City are welcome!


Discordia 2015 wood tower v01 corner 05 Discordia-2015-wood-tower-v01-corner-06