The 10 Principles

Burning Man Founder Larry Harvey wrote the Ten Principles in 2004. They are not laws, but rather guidelines for how people should be and act as a reflection of the community’s ethos and culture.

Discordia is committed to supporting the Ten Principles wherever possible.

Radical Inclusion
Discordia does not discriminate against anyone on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual preference, or any other such trait. While limited space and resources means that we have to restrict who is able to camp with us, anyone of any shape and form is welcome in our public bar and to enjoy our music.

Discordia operates a free bar daily, along with other gifts handed out at various themed events. <tbc>

Discordia is entirely non-profit, and all funds collected are directly invested back into camp infrastructure and art. We usually run at a loss of several thousand dollars per year which comes directly from the pocket of the camp founders.

Radical Self-reliance
Discordia provides a certain level of shared camp infrastructure designed to ease the burdons our mostly international membership, however each camp member is required to bring their own food, water and to organise their own shelter.

Radical Self-expression
Discordia actively encourages all members to go nuts on the costumes and to radically self-express themselves as often as possible.

Communal Effort
Discordia camp members are actively encouraged to help with camp build and tear down. There are no sherpas and everyone is expected to assist wherever possible.

Civic Responsibility
Discordia members are required to be respectful, decent and lawful at all times. We do not tolerate abusive, intolerant or violent behaviour and any members guilty of such are immediately removed from the camp permanently.

Leaving No Trace
Discordia is committed to LNT. All camp members are required to perform MOOP duties both throughout the week and as a final MOOP-sweep of the entire camp area prior to departure. Discordia members are all required to deal with their own trash and pack out everything they brought with them. For 2015 additional emphasis will also be placed upon sorting and recycling trash correctly.

Discordia is not for spectators. All our members are expected to participate in operation of the camp, primarily in the form of assisting with build/tear down activities and running of the bar.

All Discordia members are encouraged to get out and enjoy all that Burning Man has to offer. Everyone is enourage to say “Why not!” instead of “Why?” when presented with opportunities.