There are three primary forms of accommodation used at Burning Man, and within the Discordia camp:


We will have parking space available for a limited number of RVs. Camp members are entirely responsible for renting, driving and caring for their own RVs. See our dedicated page for RV tips and suggestions, and register early to ensure space is available for your RV.


Hexayurts (often just referred to as Yurts) are one of the newer forms of housing used at Black Rock City. Made from rigid insulation panels they are much cheaper than an RV while being darker and cooler than a tent.

See our dedicated page for Hexayurt info.


Tents are the cheapest way to stay at Burning Man, however there are several drawbacks: They’re almost impossible to keep even relatively dust-free, they get very hot as soon as the sun comes up, and they are almost never dark when you probably want to sleep.

Spaces will be provided for camp members to bring tents, however all responsibility for sourcing and transporting the tents is on the individual camp members.

We suggest purchasing extra lengths of rebar from Home Depot if you are planning to use a tent. Regular tent pegs are not sufficient to hold down a tent in the often high playa winds.