Donated goods policy

Every year people buy things they can’t take home and donate them to Discordia, which is great!

This usually takes the form of bikes or yurts, but occasionally this happens with other things too. (chairs, coolers, cups, costumes, etc)

When you donate something to the camp, it becomes property of Discordia. We will take care of transport and storage of that item (assuming it’s something we want!)

If you return the next year then we will make every effort to give you first dibs on that item, and we will also rent it to you at a reduced rate. (there is still a fee to cover storage and transport costs).

This reduced rate will continue in subsequent years as long as you continue to turn up every year and rent the item.

If you skip a year then you lose this right. Chances are someone else will use that item, and may well redecorate it (this primarily happens with bikes). The item is then available on a first-in, first-served basis at normal rental rates (whatever they happen to be).