Food & Drink

Discordia does not provide any food or drinking water for camp members. There are no ‘camp meals’ other than what individual camp members organise themselves.

In 2015 it is our intention to provide a microwave and a gas BBQ, however please be careful with how you store and transport any raw meat.

When planning food for Burning man there are two key factors:

  1. Minimize trash
  2. Minimize cleaning of pots, plates, etc.

Some tips:

  • Canned food or instant meals which can be eaten either directly out of the container are great.
  • Consider bringing disposable plates and plastic utensils, as these are much easier to deal with than wasting water cleaning plates.
  • Keep food (especially meat) in individual zip-loc bags to prevent contaminating the ice meltwater. Ideally keep food in a separate cooler from drinks or drinking melt-water.
  • Keep ice in large zip-loc bags also to keep the melt water clean enough for drinking
  • RV users should not count on the fridge working for the entire week. Bring a cooler that you can fill with ice if necessary.

Stay hydrated!

It’s extremely easy to get dehydrated at Burning Man.

  • By the time you notice that you’re thirsty you’re probably already dehydrated
  • Piss clear! If your pee isn’t clear then you should be drinking more water.
  • Always carry water on you whenever you leave the camp. A Camelbak-style hydration backpack is ideal (and if you put ice in there too it’ll keep your back nice and cool!)
  • It’s a good idea to regularly chug a glass of water whenever you are returning to camp for supplies/costumes/etc.
  • Powdered electrolyte drinks are great for adding to your water. A large size tub of Gatorade is perfect for 2 people for the week, and you should aim to have pretty much finished it by the end.


Generally most people find they eat less in the hot, dry environment of the playa. Often you are so busy you might forget to eat regularly so having food available that you can easily snack on is great.

Food spoils very fast in the heat so even with an RV fridge (they’re unreliable) you shouldn’t bring fresh meat or vegetables for more than a couple of days. Try to stick to non-perishables where possible.

If you are bringing meat then consider storing it in a separate cooler and always make sure there is plenty of ice in it to avoid spoiling.

Suggested food items include:

  • Beef jerky. Bring lots.
  • Muesli/Granola bars
  • Pringles or other chips (salt is good!)
  • Cans of pasta / chilli / etc. These are pre-cooked so can be eaten cold.
  • Microwavable meal pouches. Walmart does a good line of asian style meaty soups and curries which are very tasty.
  • Bring soy or UHT milk if you’re going to make coffee


The Discordia bar is primarily for serving alcohol to the public during the hours that it’s open. We don’t mind camp members having a few drinks too but the rest of the time you’re expected to provide your own drinks (or go visit some bars!)

Generally we suggest bringing a mixture of beer and spirits/mixers. Beer is great for easy drinking while setting up or sitting around the camp. You’ll probably get through more than you expect, so bring extra. A cold beer makes a great gift also.

Most bars you visit will likely serve up some sort of spirit/mixer drink, however many bars are not really open after dark so at this time it can be a good idea to return to camp to load up on your own takeaway drinks. Spirits are suggested as taking beer with you results in MOOP problems with empty cans, etc.

A small portable cooler that you can clip onto your bike or leave in a basket can be excellent as it allows you to stay out longer before returning to camp for more supplies. This one from Walmart works great.