RV tips

The following tips will make life easier for those bringing an RV to Burning Man:

  • Don’t over-fill your RV with people. A 19-20′ RV is really only suitable for 2 adults. A 25′ RV is very comfortable for two people but could fit 4. Anything more than 4 people in one RV requires everyone to┬ábe real good friends and have good discipline about not using the toilet, etc.
  • Don’t use the toilet unless you REALLY need to. It will smell bad, and your black-water tank is really small. Always use the public porta-potties when possible.
  • If there are only two people in your RV then you can probably get away with using the RV toilet for a late-night pee. Buy a cheap plastic spray bottle and keep this in the bathroom and use it instead of flushing to minimise water use.
  • Shower very sparingly, or use the Discordia provided camp showers. Your fresh water tank is much larger than your grey-water tank. When the grey-water is full it will bubble up out of plugholes, which is really really nasty.
  • In theory it’s possible to have your tanks pumped on playa for $50. In reality it’s almost impossible to find the trucks, get them to stop, or get them close enough to your RV to pump it out. Don’t count on this being possible at all.
  • Buy sheets of painters plastic and tape them to the floor of the RV using blue painters tape, preferably before you arrive. This will massively help with your post-playa cleanup. Do the same all around the drivers cab, as the floor there is especially annoying to clean.
  • Be very careful when removing painters tape from the interior of an RV. Most of the ‘wood’ is cheap veneer that will peel away easily. Try to keep tape only on the plastic trim or vinyl floor.
  • Don’t count on the fridge in the RV working for the whole week. Even if it does they’re generally very small and every time you open the door you lose all the coldness. Bring a couple of cooler bins full of ice to store things like drinks that you will be accessing frequently.
  • Buy a roll of silver insulation foam from Home Depot or Lowes. Tape it over all your side windows using the blue painters tape. This will really help keep the interior cold and dark. Place another strip inside the front windscreen to reflect light back out.
  • Clean the RV properly before you take it back to the rental place. In our experience it doesn’t need to be perfect but you still need to make a decent effort. There are car wash places near Fernley (on the drive back to Reno from BRC) who will power-wash the outside for around $40. You will still need to do a little extra yourself, including under the hood around the engine and inside the bumpers.
  • Most RV places tell you that you should run your generator for 3 hours per day to keep everything charged. In reality this usually isn’t needed at Burning Man as most RVs have a solar panel which will keep things topped up and the fridge is usually on propane. If you are going to run the generator, try not to run it early in the morning (6-9am) when people are more likely to be sleeping.
  • If your RV has an awning, keep it rolled up. The winds at Burning Man can be brutal and many people end up with awnings ripped clean off.
  • Try to park your RV such that it forms a wind block for tents. If you’re camping with Discordia then we’ll tell you exactly where to park it.