What to bring

There are many Burning Man packing lists available out on the internet, but the fact is that the required list of items varies depending on what your camp provides and what you choose to stay in.

Everyone should have read the Survival Guide anyway, but this page details our recommended list for people who are staying with Discordia.

Common items everyone should bring:

  • A bike. Fat tyres are best, and there are several cheap options from Walmart. We also have bikes to rent! <bike rental page tbc>
  • A decent set of goggles. Cheap ebay ones can be fine, but get them early and test that they seal against your face shape ok
  • A cup. Everyone needs their own cup. Don’t go too big or too small, but try to find something interesting or personalise it somehow. A cup with a lid is a great idea as it allows you to ride your bike without spilling your drink, and stops playa dust from blowing in.
  • A dust mask (reusable is better), or at least a good bandana
  • A day pack with camelbak hydration bladder
  • Gatorade or other electrolyte powder. This is essential to help with hydration and will also keep the hangovers away! Two people should get through most of a large tub of Gatorade powder by the end of the week if they’re drinking enough of it.
  • Wetwipes. Go to the baby section and get the bulk ones, much cheaper than the identical ‘adult’ ones. Bring at least one large pack per person, if not more.
  • A large bottle of moisturiser. Use it twice daily on your hands and feet to prevent playa-foot.
  • A decent head-mounted flashlight.
  • Additional lights for your person when out at night. Cheap strings of LED xmas lights work great, or EL wire.
  • Lights for your bike. Consider getting a decent front light so that you can see where you’re going, but also lights to cover/decorate the rest of the bike. Again, LED xmas lights or LED strips work great for this
  • Plenty of batteries for all your lights.
  • Costumes and clothes. At minimum consider a tutu (for tutu Tuesday) and something white (for white Wednesday). Consider that the temperatures will be above 30 during the day and possibly below 10 at night, so bring something warm too.
  • Enough socks so that you can have a clean pair at least once per day. Your feet will love you for this.
  • Enough food to last you the entire week. See this page for more details.
  • Enough alcohol to last you the entire week. Our bar is primarily for the public, so plan ahead and bring enough for your own supply.
  • At least one cooler bin. You can buy ice on playa. Ideally keep drinks and food in separate coolers.
  • At least one towel per person. You should always know where your towel is.
  • A lock for your bike. Doesn’t need to be anything fancy, just something to deter opportunistic thieves
  • 1-Ply camping toilet paper. The type that is designed for porta-potties and RV toilets. Don’t bring ‘Flushable wipes’… apparently they still take too long to degrade so end up clogging the pump-out trucks just like normal wipes do.
  • A roll of plastic trash bags. Every person is responsible for their own trash, and you are required to take everything home with you.

Suggestions for those staying in a tent or yurt:

  • Enough water to last you the entire week. This includes both drinking, washing and showers. The general guideline is a minimum of 1.5 gallons per day per person, more if you plan to shower.
  • An airbed or mattress. The playa is pretty hard and really not comfortable to sleep on.
  • A decent sleeping bag. It can get really quite cold for a few hours every night.
  • Large bin bags/liners. Keep all your clean gear in these as there is no way to really dust-proof a tent or yurt enough.
  • If planning to stay in a tent, bring a tent! We don’t provide any.
  • If planning to stay in a yurt, bring a yurt! Alternatively we may be able to source a yurt for you and transport it to the playa. You will be expected to help assemble it. <tbc>

Suggestions for those staying in an RV:

  • Enough bottled drinking water for the entire week, probably 1 gallon per person per day minimum. You shouldn’t drink the water from the tap in your RV. You can use your RV water for showering and washing however.
  • A decent sleeping bag or duvet set. RVs are warmer than tents but most of them don’t have a heater and it still gets cold!
  • Bring a separate cooler bin full of ice for drinks. The RV fridge is usually tiny and doesn’t work well.
  • See our RV tips page for more ideas about staying in an RV.