Camp member expectations

Discordia is not for spectators. We are a group of people who love to bring something really awesome to Burning Man. We work hard and we party hard.

We build an awesome tower and pyramid shade structure which contains one of the best misting systems on the playa, and a rocking bar.

All Discordia members are expected to either arrive early to help with setup or to stay late to help pack down and moop-sweep the site, preferably both!

All members are also required to help run the bar at least several times throughout the week. This could include duties such as setting up the bar for the day, serving drinks, checking IDs or standing out the front as a greeter to entice people in. These might sound like chores but actually it’s a huge amount of fun and people usually end up working more shifts because they enjoy it so much.

We also have daily duties of moop-sweeping the camp and public spaces and keeping the kitchen tidy.

In return Discordia provides an awesome setup to help make your experience in the desert a little more pleasant. We have a large private shade structure for camp members, a kitchen (you must provide your own food and drinks), power for charging devices and a shower (you provide the water).

We are a placed camp which means we have reserved space, usually on the 9:00 avenue which is one of the most sought-after streets in the city.

As our members are usually 100% international we also have a number of hexayurts available for camp members to rent each year and also a number of bikes.