Discordia is a non-profit camp. We aren’t an official charity (that’s really complicated to register in the USA) however we are committed to spending all incoming funds on the camp.

Current camp dues are US$150 per person, plus a large bottle of spirits and two bottles of mixers as a bar donation.

We have 10 large hexayurts which are available to rent to approved camp members on a first-come, first-served basis for US$600 each.

We also have one smaller yurt which is available for US$300.

Bikes are also available to rent to camp members for US$50 each.

Every year we have existed since 2014 we have run at a loss, meaning the camp founders and a few other legends have had to shoulder the excess costs. We try to avoid this by setting dues and rental charges such that we can cover our costs but the fact is that storing and hauling all our infrastructure to and from the desert every year incurs significant costs.

We are open with our finances and share the budget spreadsheet with all camp members every year in the lead-up to the event.

Discordia has members from right across the socio-economic spectrum and we always encourage our more well-off members to donate any funds they might be able to spare to help us cover our costs.

To pay your dues or make a donation please ask Matt for the account details.