Hexayurts are great.

Made from rigid insulation panels they stay cool during the day, warm at night and are relatively dust-free compared to options like tents.

Made from 12x 8×4 foot panels they stack into a nice small space and can be easily assembled by a team of around 5 people.

When assembled they measure around 16 feet across giving sufficient space for up to three double beds (in a pinch). Luxurious for two people, comfortable for up to four.

Discordia has a number of yurts available to rent to approved camp members however you will be expected to help assemble (and disassemble) your yurt (with our assistance).

We also have a limited number of swamp coolers that previous camp members have built (or partially built). These are available free of charge for yurt-renters however it’s first-come, first-served and you may need to finish assembling it.