Get Involved

Discordia takes lots of effort to produce! Help out by getting involved with one of our teams.

Our camp needs your input. If you’d like to volunteer for any of these please post on the facebook group or drop us an email.

This is an inclusive event and the more you put in the more you will get out of it!! So start here:

LNT (Leave No Trace)

Team leads: 
Crew members: Everyone, although we need a few champions

The LNT crew is responsible for ensuring that Discordia meets the goal of truly Leaving No Trace. This is a critical crew as we will be inspected and judged based on our MOOP-map score afterwards which may affect future placement.

Responsibilities include tying up any full trash bags and securing them, placing new bags in private camp areas and generally keeping the camp area free from trash or items which could blow around or cause a mess. Everyone is required to be involved in keeping the camp tidy and MOOP free however the LNT crew is expected to regularly check the camp and hassle their fellow camp mates if the area is untidy.

This year Discordia will also be implementing separate bags for recyclables so the LNT team will be responsible for encouraging people to use this correctly when dealing with their trash.


Bar & Interactivity

Team Lead(s):
Crew Members: 
Skills required: be friendly, enthusiastic and inclusive

The Bar lead will be responsible for organising a roster of bar tenders, collecting alcohol donations and ensuring that the appropriate supplies are placed in the bar each day for public gifting. This role will rotate during the event and so we need a number of leads who are willing to help us manage this key aspect of engagement and involvement.

The bar crew will be responsible for bar-tending during pre-arranged times when the Discordia bar is open to the public and also for enticing people to come in for a drink. Shifts are likely to be only 2 hours each but it would extremely helpful if people could take a couple of shifts across the entire week as this is a great opportunity to get really involved with the ten principles.

Depending on exactly what interactive activities we choose this may also involve encouraging people to partake in drinking games, etc and generally interacting with fellow Burners.


Engineering & Pyramid Structure

Team Lead: Matt
Crew members:
Skills required: Structural design, construction, physical lifting

The pyramid structure crew is responsible for design and build of the primary camp feature, the Discordia Pyramid. Activities will include design, scaffolding build, measuring & cutting pyramid sides and on-playa assembly.

This team will require all team members for early entry, however anyone that is provided with early entry will be expected to help with this in some way as it will require the full team’s support and engagement to construct.


Electrical and Lighting

Team Leads: 
Crew Members: 
Skills required: Basic knowledge of electronics and electrical safety.

Design and build of pyramid lighting effects in conjunction with Art team. LED strip design, installation and maintenance.

Responsible for design and build of the camp power grid including generators, solar panels and deep-cycle batteries. Distribution of DC power to yurt swamp-coolers, LED strips, etc and AC power to sound systems, etc (responsibility for production, filling and maintenance of swamp coolers will remain with those staying in yurts, however we will be on hand to provide advice as necessary).

This team will be also be responsible for generator maintenance and fuelling.



Team Lead: 
Crew Members: 
Skills required: Anything artistic or can work a paintbrush and follow instructions

The Art team is responsible for decoration of and inside of the Discordia pyramid, and also for creating various signs used around the camp.

Much of this teams role will likely be during the months and weeks before the event to design the overall look for the pyramid, but will also include on-playa roles such as painting, hanging up decorations, signs, etc.

Additional art installation(s) in the deep playa are being discussed and designed;  we will support any artists wherever possible however we are also responsible for leaving no trace  of these. Please discuss with us prior to the event if you wish to be involved. Our main concern however is to make the pyramid as awesome as possible so please consider this first.


Carpentry & Furniture

Team Lead: 
Crew Members: 
Skills required: power tools, carpentry, woodworking

This team will need to be present in Reno pre-event as all wood cutting must be completed off-playa with additional early entry support

The carpentry team will be responsible for build of the various wooden items within the camp. This will largely involve build of the Playatech bars, couches and seats.



Team Lead:
Crew members: 
Skills required: plumbing, carpentry

This team will largely need to be early-entry to ensure that the camp infrastructure is ready in time for opening.

The water team is responsible for design and build of the camp grey-water management system, which will likely comprise a shower and sink for those non-RV camp members. The team will also be involved with design and build of the misting fan system inside the Discordia Pyramid.


Sound system & DJs

Team Leads:
Crew Members: 
Skills required: DJ or musician

Music is a huge part of the Discordia camp. We are bringing some of the best local talent from New Zealand, Australia and the UK to Burning Man this year along with some special guest DJ sets.

The sound system and DJ team lead will be responsible for initial setup and tuning of the sound system and also for organising the DJ roster for the week.

Camp members who wish to DJ will be allocated various pre-arranged set times for scheduled events however the team will be generally responsible for providing tasty beats for the camp whenever people are around.